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25 Nov 2014

Finished my A levels, what do I do now?


Congratulations to Ben R who completed his Level 2 Apprenticeship with us in November 2014. Read his case study here …..

Having finished my A levels in 2013, I didn’t want to go to university so what do I do now?

I always had in my mind that I wanted to go into work in an Electrical Environment. I had the idea of becoming an apprentice fairly early on in my A levels but was unsure as to where to go or what to look for. At the time I was working part time at Morrison’s and was unsure what to do.

Vogal Training came to my attention after I had not succeeded in the application process at a large engineering firm in Peterborough. I contacted them shortly after and found that they ran an Access to Apprenticeship course which covered mechanical, electrical and welding qualifications. This course ran three days a week on a Monday to Wednesday and allowed me to keep my part time job thus keeping a little cash flow.

The course began in September 2013. Whilst attending the course I met various people who were already on apprenticeships that were on day release. One of them started talking to me about their particular company and I took an interest in the work that he did. In February 2014 that company had a vacancy for an apprentice and so I applied for it.

The Instructors at Vogal gave me advice on CV writing as well as how to act at interview and how to succeed in the application process. The experience and qualifications I had attained at Vogal Training stood me in good stead at interview and I got the job. I didn’t know it at the time but Vogal gave an excellent reference for me direct to the Company.

I carried on at Vogal on day release on a Tuesday, completing my level 2 access course plus extra units which my new employer wanted me to do. I have now completed them all and continue to use the skills I gained at Vogal in my place of work and am glad that I took the decision to go on the access course, after all this found me my job.

All in all Vogal was a great opportunity for me and I found the tutors very helpful. I am so glad I went to them and highly recommend them to any young person in need of direction or in need of more skills to help them get a job in the engineering sector.

Ben. R

November 2014