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2 Sep 2016

Personal Development Activity Day


On Monday 18th July, seventeen apprentices had a fantastic day out at Rock Blok at Whitwell Rutland Water.  The day included climbing up a rock wall, a high wire and ropes challenge, team building activities and fire lighting!  Several of the apprentices managed to climb to the top of the wall with the overhang, which was a huge achievement.   The high wire activities were not for the faint hearted, yet almost everyone managed to get to the high wire platform complete the 7 stages of the course.  Several lengths of guttering were used to transport marbles around an obstacle course and planks of wood to cross a “river of acid” which were achieved by group effort and effective communication.  The day included a challenge to light a small fire, without the aid of matches or a lighter!   A great day was had by all.

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